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Ready, Set, Go! Work Program

The program is designed for a short period of time in the classroom for orientation to secure safety procedures and program policies. It is important for the students, trainers, and organizers to take the time to introduce ourselves and to explain the journey ahead. Unlike traditional schools, our training in done in the workplace setting to ensure the maximum optimization of practice to foster the development of soft skills. 

Intro to Retail:

An orientation for all students to meet the trainers of the program, understanding career opportunities in retail, success stories, and general introductions to the program and ensuring that students are aware of the program’s policies and procedures to keep a safe work environment.

Customer Service 101: 

Learning the art of customer service, dealing with theft, problematic customers, friendly interactions, and assisting customers with barriers. Cash register experience: processing sales, discounts, refunds, processing card payments, and manually calculating change. This course emphasizes on employee responsibilities, such as calling to employers when sick or running late, booking time off for appointments and holidays, the art of communication, and more. The course will help with building the confidence in working with the public while establishing common practices and procedures to ensure students understand employment courtesies. 

Decor and Styles 102: 

Ensuring a safe and enjoyable flow from one department to another by taking into consideration shopping carts, scooters, and wheelchairs. Building organization and order by designated spaces for all products. Learning to work with the ever-changing inventory and planning for seasonal changes, major holidays, and events. Keeping the store looking sharp and organized while ensuring workplace safety. Practice in finding things to clean, restock, and maintain to ensure a continued initiation of work while exploring self confidence to create displays and expression of self. 

Production 103: 

Shipping, receiving, and processing goods to ensure that items are ready for the sales floor and making sure to dispose of waste appropriately. All operations will receive some form of deliveries, our program will work with the students to check the items they are receiving, reading the manifests to ensure that the counts are correct, assess any possible damages, and ensure the movement of the product to the correct area(s) for processing. E-commerce has expedited its presence due to COVID 19 and most businesses have started or established a process for clients to order online for pick up or deliver items to their homes. Students will have the experience to pack orders, create manifests of items in the box, complete work orders, and finalize shipping of items.

Workplace 104: 

Expanding on the original introductions at orientation and through out each department training, students will finalize their training with workshops from Manitoba Safe Works/Safety & Service and WCB to ensure that they have access to the resources and introductions to organizations for further inquiries and concerns. This course will provide understanding of pay stubs and component of training with Labor Standards Manitoba to ensure that graduates know their rights. Workshops will cover COVID 19 safety practices to the use of a ladder. The goal is to ensure that our graduates are safe as they start their career in retail. 

Employability 105: 

Workshops on creating and updating resumes, practice interviews, calming techniques, and securing references. This extends to creating email addresses, password resets, and using google mail. The key to these workshops are the invitations to employers to join us in providing awareness of their workplace' culture and potential career opportunities. Working with employers that recognize our certificate and bridging graduates to career opportunities. By the end of these workshops, students will have options to pair with a mentor and post graduate coordinators to ensure that they have continued support. 

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